Two reasons to get your broken laptop repaired instead of buying a new one

Posted on: 26 May 2020

If your laptop breaks, you might find the idea of purchasing a shiny new one rather tempting. However, it would almost certainly be better to find a laptop repairs specialist and get your current one fixed by them instead. Read on to find out why.

It will cost you a lot less money

Even if the computer service business who examines your laptop informs you that it will require extensive repairs, getting it fixed will still probably be much cheaper than buying a brand-new laptop. This is especially true if you only ever use high-end laptops that cost upwards of a thousand dollars. In addition to costing you less than a new laptop, getting these repairs done will also save you the expense of having to repurchase any software programmes that you had on your old device and could not retrieve after it broke.

As such, if you prefer to be frugal wherever possible or if you simply cannot afford to get a new laptop and new software without going into debt, then the sensible choice would be to get your current laptop repaired. If you have it fixed by a professional computer repairs specialist and you follow their advice regarding how to prevent the same fault from reoccurring, you might not have to get a new laptop for several more years.

It will be a lot less hassle and hard work

The other reason why it might be best to stay faithful to your current laptop and get it repaired is that it could save you a lot of hassle and hard work. The reason for this is that whilst getting a pristine new laptop can be fun, the process of setting it up is not quite as enjoyable.

Firstly, it can take a long time to download and set up the operating system. Secondly, if, for example, you use a variety of animation, writing, photography or music software, you will have to download and install all of these programmes. This could take several hours. Thirdly, if you're quite particular about the colour scheme of your laptop's graphics and if you like to use customised sounds for certain notifications and a specific photo for your screensaver, you may have to spend another hour or two tinkering with the laptop's settings to achieve the aesthetic and aural configurations you want. If you do not enough free time or energy to do all of this, you should keep your current laptop and get a laptop repair business to fix it.